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    Electric Machines Company Manufacturing for Maximum Profits

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    Electric Machines makes two grades of gears for industrial machinery: standard and heavy duty. The process requires two steps. Step-1 takes 8 minutes for the standard gear and 10 minutes for the heavy duty. Step-2 takes 3 minutes for the standard gear and 10 minutes for the heavy duty. The company's labor contract requires that it use at the most 200 labor-hours per week on the Step-1 equipment and at most 140 labor-hours per week on the Step-2 equipment. The profit contributions are $15 for each standard gear and $22 for each heavy duty. How many of each gear should be made each week to maximize profits? Find the optimal solution using the graphical solution technique.

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    Step 1) Define the variables.
    Let s = number of standard gears made
    Let h = number of heavy duty gears made

    Step 2) Write the objective function
    Maximize Profit = 15s + 22h

    Step 3) List the constraints. Convert all hours into minutes. I've color-coded ...

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