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    HR: NL&C, develop ideas for sales manager's lagging sales

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    The Sales Manager at NL&C has come to see you, to discuss lagging performance amongst her sales team. The manager has set goals for them, but many are not achieving the targets. She feels the base salary she is offering the sales staff is not motivating them to perform. She asks for your advice and assistance.

    After reviewing information associated with compensation and pay plans, develop some ideas to share with the Sales Manager.

    In your own words, post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.

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    Because sales people are very competitive individuals, the motivation plans must take that personality trait into account. Ideas to share with the sales manager could include the following:

    1. Strike the proper balance between base salary and commission. Too large of a base will act as a disincentive, but too small (or no) base salary will put too much stress on the sales person.

    2. Offer competitive benefits for your sales staff ...

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    The solution lists seven ideas that could be used to motivate the sales team for perform better. The ideas are not all monetary, but they all do address the competitiveness of sales people.