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    See attached file for proper format of a table. Provide wri

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    See attached file for proper format of a table.

    Provide written answers to the following assignments from Ch. 3 of Financial Accounting:

    2. State two generally accepted accounting principles that relate to adjusting the accounts.

    3. Rick Marsh, a lawyer, accepts a legal engagement in March, performs the work in April, and is paid in May. If Marshââ?¬â?¢s law firm prepares monthly financial statements, when should it recognize revenue from this engagement? Why?

    4. Why do accrual-basis financial statements provide more useful information than cash-basis statements?

    8. Distinguish between the two categories of adjusting entries, and identify the types of adjustments applicable to each category.

    E3-7 The ledger of Piper Rental Agency on March 31 of the current year includes the following selected accounts before adjusting entries have been prepared.

    Debit Credit
    Prepaid Insurance $3,600
    Supplies 2,800
    Equipment 25,000
    Depreciated Equipment 8,400
    Notes Payable 20,000
    Unearned Rent 9,900
    Rent Revenue 60,000
    Interest Expense 0
    Wages Expense 14,000

    An analysis of the accounts shows the following.

    1. The equipment depreciates $400 per month.
    2. One-third of the unearned rent was earned during the quarter.
    3. Interest of $500 is accrued on the notes payable.
    4. Supplies on hand total $700.
    5. Insurance expires at the rate of $200 per month.


    Prepare the adjusting entries at March 31, assuming that adjusting entries are made quarterly.
    Additional accounts are: Depreciation Expense, Insurance Expense, Interest Payable, and Supplies Expense.

    E3-8 Andy Wright, D.D.S., opened a dental practice on January 1, 2008. During the first month of operations the following transactions occurred.

    1. Performed services for patients who had dental plan insurance. At January 31, $875 of such services was earned but not yet recorded.

    2. Utility expenses incurred but not paid prior to January 31 totaled $520.

    3. Purchased dental equipment on January 1 for $80,000, paying $20,000 in cash and signing a $60,000, 3-year note payable.The equipment depreciates $400 per month. Interest is $500 per month.

    4. Purchased a one-year malpractice insurance policy on January 1 for $12,000.

    5. Purchased $1,600 of dental supplies. On January 31, determined that $400 of supplies were on hand.


    Prepare the adjusting entries on January 31.
    Account titles are: Accumulated Depreciationââ?¬" Dental Equipment, Depreciation Expense, Service Revenue, Accounts Receivable, Insurance Expense, Interest Expense, Interest Payable, Prepaid Insurance, Supplies, Supplies Expense, Utilities Expense, and Utilities Payable.

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