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    Risk Management Template in Excel

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    Details: Create a Risk Template by listing those risks that you think are appropriate for Project X. The template should include:

    Description of the risk
    External risks
    Internal risks
    Budget risks
    Schedule risks
    Resource risks
    Quality risks

    Categorize and quantify them according to your knowledge of risks and risk templates. If you have made assumptions about the project, include them at the top or bottom of the template.

    Objective: Use effective communication techniques.
    Employ the techniques for monitoring and controlling risks
    Apply the basic competencies of the project manager in understanding and planning for risk

    * List 8 - 10 threats and 8 - 10 opportunities (the 4 - 6 threats and 4 - 6 opportunities from your Phase 2 Discussion Board as well as additional threats and opportunities from other people''''s posts)
    * The Risk Template should include more columns than what is implied in the assignment. The columns should cover the requirements for Risk Identification, Qualitative Risk Analysis, Quantitative Risk Analysis and Risk Monitoring & Control.
    * Categorize the threats and opportunities as being either:
    * Internal or External
    * Budget and/or Schedule and/or Resource and/or Quality
    * Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis on the risk you identified.
    * Do not be concerned about the phrase "and quantify" in the "Categorize and quantify them according to your knowledge.
    * Indicate any assumptions you made.

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    Excel spreadsheet template for risk management, covering external, internal, budget, schedule, resource and quality risks with space for monitoring, control and opportunities included.