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Salary Administration

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Based on Glenview

Illustrate the wage and salary administration process, explain how compensation is administered jointly by human resources and managers in the organization.

Answer the following questions:
a. How often are pay raises given? Which employees are eligible?
b. How frequently are formal performance evaluations conducted?
c. Is the timing of formal performance evaluations and salary administration in sync?

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The wage and salary administration process begins in the month of October, about three months before the salary increases are communicated to the employees. The process is initiated when the human resource department - Actually there is no HRD department in Glenview- a clerk in the office of Sinclair takes out the signed evaluation forms file from a rusted cupboard, makes copies of the evaluation reports and hands over the copies along with a fresh printed blank form to every supervisor, and director whose name appears in the supervisor spot. The new blank form are same year after year excepting once when Sinclair got the number of criteria lines increased from five to ten. This process in Glenview is not computerized and every person who gets a copy of the last years signed contract has thirty days to evaluate the employee in his presence and fill up the blank evaluation form for the next year jointly along with the employees and return it to Sinclair's office with the recommended increase in salary.
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A. "The Immediate Supervisor will:

1. Complete the evaluation form as promptly as possible. Note that any area evaluated as Inadequate, Minimally Meets Requirements, or Exceptional must be discussed in Comments section of the evaluation form. Describe why performance is not satisfactory and specify how performance can be improved, or explain why performance is outstanding.
2. Discuss evaluation with the employee emphasizing strong and weak points in job performance. Commend the employee for a job well done if applicable and discuss specific corrective action if warranted. Set mutual goals for the employee to reach before the next performance evaluation. Recommendations should specifically state methods to correct weaknesses and/or prepare the employee for future promotions.
3. Allow the employee to make any written comments he/she desires. Have employee sign the evaluation form and initial after supervisor's comments.
4. Forward the original copy of the evaluation form in a sealed envelope, ...

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