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Project Schedules

(1) Why is it critical to the success of the project to understand the critical path? (2) Can there be more than one critical path in a given project schedule? (3) How would you monitor and control your project schedule? (4) Why is it important to know the ES, LS, EF, and LF of a given project? (5) How would you use this data while planning, or even monitoring your project? (6) In MS Project, how do you identify the critical path?

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The critical path maps out the shortest time needed to complete a project. It helps you to be able to see the end in sight and possibly how you can minimize and or align your schedule so that you can complete your work ahead of time if the triple constraint allows.

Can there be more than one critical path in a given project schedule?

There can be more than one critical path, especially if each path has the same duration.

How would you monitor ...

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This excerpt answers a series of questions that will help you understand what a critical path is and how to monitor and control a project schedule. Activities in a project are often dependent on the completion of another activity. Those activities can be in the project you are completing or from another project or process. Dependencies can be mandatory or discretionary. Understanding the concept of dependencies will help you build a network diagram to determine the critical path for the project.