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    Project Planning, Execution and Closure.

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    As an employee of the World Bank you have been asked to research the needs of a country with a particular economic concern.

    For this assignment, select a country and an economic concern, such as population, unemployment, etc. Search the Library and Internet for data sets for the concern that you have chosen.

    Answer the following questions:

    Where were you able to find data sets?
    What is the relationship between the variable that you selected and the economy?
    What trends do you see in the data sets? Support your assertions of trends with statistical evidence.


    Identify current trends in macro and microeconomics.
    Critically examine market structures, consumer behavior, production costs, and international trade.
    Locate and interpret economic data, such as data on prices and quantities of specific goods and services, GDP, unemployment, and inflation.

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    //In the beginning, this discussion tries to research the needs of United States with a particular economic concern of national debt. As per the directions, further, I have described the modes through which data sets has been collected that helps me in explaining the real situation of national debt.//

    The United States of America faces a large number of economic concerns in the present scenario. Among these economic concerns, the issues of national debt, external debt and the liabilities for the retiring baby boomer population are the most prominent ones. However, in this paper, the economic concern related to the national debt of the US has been discussed at length.

    Sources of Data: The data and information about the national debt of the US are available through a variety of online, library and government sources. The data sets can be found in:

    Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia and U.S. Government data;

    U.S. Department of Treasury;


    CIA World Factbook;

    National Debt Awareness Center

    The sources mentioned above explain about the records of the National debt in the U.S.A. These origins explain about the amount of the important debts to be paid by the Federal Government. In 2008, the national debt is recorded as $9.6 trillion (U.S. National debt clock, 2008).

    //Above I have described the selected economic concern of U.S is National debt and for writing about it we have to first understand the meaning of 'national debt'. So, here I will write about the national debt of U.S and its relation with its economy, which is considered to be highest in the world. //

    The 'National Debt' is also popularly known as the 'U.S. Public Debt'. It can be ...

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