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Project Management - Organizational Culture & Human Behavioral Influences

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Consider the following scenario: You have just been brought in on a project, as the previous project manager has left. The project is behind schedule and over budget, and several key team members have quit in disgust, plummeting the morale of the rest of the team, who fear they will have to do the extra work without compensation.

What are some strategies that could be used by a project manager to successfully manage the relationships among project team members and the relationships among the project team and external resources (e.g., subcontractors, government agencies)? How would these strategies differ under the conditions described in the scenario?


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1. You must reassure the current workers that not only will they be paid extra for the extra efforts that they put in, they will also get promotions if they show sustained improved performance.
2. You must inform the workers that if the project is completed in time they will be rewarded with bonus.
3. The current workers who are overburdened with work much beyond their capacity should be told that replacements will follow soon and that they will not have to continue doing the extra work for long, if possible please involve them in the recruitment process.
4. Cost reduction measures should be introduced with an incentive for employees who successfully implement the cost reduction measures.
5. You as the project manager must show leadership qualities that will instill confidence in the current employees.
6. You should be fair and ethical in dealing with the employees so that the employees feel and see that justice is done to them and that in future justice will be done to ...

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This solution lists and explains strategies to manage the relationships among project team members, to manage relationships with outside agencies, and how these strategies differ. This solution is 732 words.

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