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Linear programming problem

You need to organize your home office, especially your paperwork. You have three general kinds of paperwork: tax files, bill files, investment files. You estimate that you have 10 tax files, 30 bill files, and 15 investment files. Each month you access each tax file three times; each bill file, two times; and each investment file, eight times. You have three places to put files, a file cabinet, your desk, or a storage box. The file cabinet can hold 30 files; the desk, 10 files; and the storage box, 25 files. When a file is accessed, the time it takes for a file to be accessed depends on the type of file and where you put it. You need to decide where to put your files. Your goal is to minimize the total time you spending each month accessing your files.

Retrieval Time (minutes)

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Hint: The minimum retrieval time will be 660 minutes per month.


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Let Xij = No of i files stored in j storage space where i=t, b, i and j=f, d, s
For example, Xtf = No of tac files stored in file cabinate.

Decision variables
Tax Files Bill Files Investment Files
File ...

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