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Network diagram, Critical Path, CPM, PERT

3.28 The following represent activities in Marc Massoud's Construction Company project.
a) Draw the network to represent this situation.
b) Which activities are on the critical path?
c) What is the length of the critical path?
Activity Immediate Predecessor(s) Time (weeks) Activity Immediate Predecessor(s) Time (weeks)
A - 1 E B 2
B - 4 F C, E 7
C A 1 G D 2
D B 5 H F, G 3

3.29 A small software development project at Krishna Dhir's firm has five major activities. The times are estimated and provided in the table below. Find the expected time for completing Dhir's project.

Activity Immediate Predecessor a m b
A - 2 5 8
B - 3 6 9
C A 4 7 10
D B 2 5 14
E C 3 3 3
a) Find the expected completion time for this project.
b) What variance value would be used to find probabilities of finishing by a certain time?

See attached file for full problem description.


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