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IT Project Quality Management ROI

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lets say that your company wants to develop special resources for project managers in its new project management office. There are many approaches to financial analysis of prospective projects. Having an idea of how project budgets can be created and controlled by upper management is essential to harmonizing efforts across the company.
As a project leader, demonstrate your understanding of the term Return on investment (ROI).
How would ROI influence a go or no-go decision on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects?
What are some of the disadvantages of using only Return on investment (ROI) to estimate the benefits of a new project?

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As a project leader, demonstrate your understanding of the term Return on investment (ROI).
Return on investment is where the expected costs are compared to the actual costs and this is considered against the value of what the investment will bring. For a company that wants to build trains, each train has to bring value, usually profits, above the costs to build the train for it to be considered a good return on investment in terms of money. For the ROI, ...

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A review of ROI when ERP projects are considered and how it can help or impede choices.

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