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    Investigation of the project and intervention techniques

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    As the project manager, conduct an investigation of the project problem and identify three (3) to five (5) possible intervention techniques.

    Research external policies and programs to compare and contrast strengths and weaknesses.

    Develop a summary of the investigation conducted and recommend a minimum of three (3) approaches for conflict resolution during the project's life-cycle.

    My goal is to construct a minimum of five (5) pages.

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    The response addresses the query posted in 1513 words with APA references
    //Managing a project is a tedious task, and there are certain problems, which a project manager has to face while executing a project. These problems have been discussed below along with certain interventions techniques. Furthermore, certain external policies have been researched for comparing it with the strength and weakness of the project.//
    Problems Associated the with Project
    Communication Problem: Project execution is a lengthy and time-consuming process, and the success of the project is dependent on the proper flow of communication. Therefore, many a times, communication is considered as the lifeblood of the project. However, due to the lack of proper flow of communication between different levels of the organization, the project faces problems. Sometimes, even linguistic problem also poses a communication problem.
    Environmental Problem: Construction projects are faced with environmental issues. While the construction project is being executed, it poses a problem for the surrounding. Noise pollution, ground problem, etc. are associated with it (Loosemore, 2003).
    Safety: Construction is a dangerous, risky and hazardous task. Accidents arising out of constructions are the highest and it adds to the burden of extra expenses. The management is charged with negligence, and the mental condition of the workers is also hindered.
    Time: Completion of the project on time is the biggest problem for the owner. If the project is not completed on time, it increases the financial and other expenses of the project. Moreover, along with completing the project on time, another problem associated with it is the timely start-up. There are certain legal and social formalities associated with the construction project and several environmental issues are also associated with it. Completion of these formalities requires time and this delays the startup of a project (Loosemore, 2003).
    Unperceived Problem of Bad Material: Poor quality of soil and insufficient materials are the common problems faced by the construction project. Often, these problems are not encountered in the beginning and are encountered only when the project has started. This increases the problem of additional cost and time (Lupberger, 2015).
    Inaccurate Customers Orders: Many a times, the order specifications of customers are not accurate and this causes various kinds of problems, like the material brought are inaccurate, the objective of the project deviates and the whole flow of project is hindered.
    Intervention Techniques
    Certain intervention techniques have been discussed for solving the problems arising in the construction project.
    The problem of delay in construction can be solved by preparing a ...

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    External policies and programs to compare and contrast strengths and weaknesses are researched. The response addresses the query posted in 1513 words with APA references.