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TSA trend

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See PDF: Forecasting problems
1. These figures represent the company's short term potential. Use a TSA trend (linear regression) analysis from Excel Chart to produce a graph and forecast for the next two quarters. Show how much variance (R-square) is accounted for and the formula for the forecast.

2. There might be some correlation between columns three and four. Please use Data Analysis to calculate that correlation.

See Excel: Copy of Proforma Profit & Loss-08

1. Please calculate the effect on the company's annual Net Income (before taxes) if it were able to do scenario 1 in the related learning activity.

2. Please calculate the effect on the company's annual Net Income (before taxes) if it were able to do scenario 2 in the related learning activity.

See Excel: Copy of Proforma Profit & Loss-08
1. Using the Pro Forma from the White Again learning activity, what would be the company's net income before tax (NIBT) if the company sold 5% more each month than the numbers in that spreadsheet for the STAC and all SuperWrap products from April-December?

See Excel: Copy of Inventory Management Problems 1-2 08(1)
1. In Problem #1, explain why the carrying costs for STAC with ONE order per year is not 15,000 (5% x 300,000).

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