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    Therapeutic Index

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    Can you describe the phenomenon of the therapeutic index. Addiction to barbiturates can be critical in terms of lethality as measured by this index. In addition can you complete the following:

    - Describe how this phenomenon might lead to an accidental overdose.
    - Explain why this factor is more critical with barbiturates than with other classes of depressant drugs.

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    (1) Can you describe the phenomenon of the therapeutic index

    Psychotherapy is viewed as a process of reciprocal influence between patient and therapist, with patient behaviors rated along a set of variables. The patient variables represent cues by which therapists base their interventions. Therapist behaviors are rated along a set of variables that therapists use to change patient variables. The strategy of examining patterns regarding the therapists' behaviors helps to link therapeutic behaviors to treatment outcomes (Weissmark & Giacomo, 1994). Weissmark and Giacomo's study addressed the effectiveness of therapists' behavior when working with the patients and under what circumstances the behaviors occurred. The study of Weissmark and Giacomo (1994) was designed to test the relationship between the mean therapeutic index and treatment outcome. To examine this relationship, they developed a method for measuring patterns within a single therapist's performance. Thus, the relative therapeutic effectiveness of each statement was obtained by computing the therapeutic value of the multidimensional pattern of that statement. In order to compute the relative therapeutic value of the pattern, Weissmark and Giacomo (1994) assigned a relative ...

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    This solution describes the phenomenon of the therapeutic index.