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    Ethical conflict of interest in being profitable in the healthcare industry

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    Please help me answer these questions:
    Is there an ethical conflict of interest in being profiable in the healthcare industry? What percentage of profitability is moral? I understand that some profit must be made I am just not sure of how to go about answering these questions, please give me some background on the issues as well.

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    I answer this with great reluctance since it is questionable to what extent and in what way moral issues are a part of Health Science.

    In my opinion it is NOT immoral to be profitable in the healthcare industry any more than it is immoral anywhere else! Very few people work - or CAN work - without personal profit (= salary or fees) and the situation is the same for ANY enterprise! Costs must be paid, investments made etc. and the money MUST come from somewhere. Not many can live on voluntary donations ...

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    The expert examines the ethical conflict of interest in being profitable in healthcare.