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Product Management: Black and Decker

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Write a paper using an organization of your choice, in which you address the following:

Discuss how non-sales business functions affect the sales function for the organization.

Discuss, and provide examples, of how the sales functions of your selected organization are affected by other non-sales business activities.

Discuss how all of the functions within an organization work toward meeting the organization's strategic objectives.

Please reference all cited information.

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This solution provides assistance with the product management questions attached, using Black and Decker as an example company.

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Business Functions:


A business function refers to a routine performance of an operation aimed at carrying out an organization's mission. A non-sales function is whereby products are shown to prospects; they are then explained on the importance of the product and finally, they are given appointments for later sales in case they are interested in purchasing the product. On the other hand, a sales function refers to the sale of a product in the premises at the time of negotiation, meaning, there are no later appointments.
(Kotler, Rackham & Krishnaswamy, 2006).

How non-sales business functions affect the sales function for the organization:

The Stanley Black and Decker Company is a global provider of mechanical access solutions, hand tools, power tools and related accessories. Since they are the largest manufacturers of power tools, there must be good communication between the sales and non-sales functions. The non-sales function in the Black and Decker Company are the shipping, territory and the production managers. This company relies on the sales people to keep the movement of their inventory and also to sell their products. In case they don't rely on the sales people, then it means they would have to stop production of their tools or even slow down their production and this would lead to a reduction in sales. Lack of communication between the non-sales and the sales function would lead to a lack of good customer service, slow or lack of potential accounts receivable, product backlogs that are unacceptable or even slow production of products and this will eventually lead to loss or even lack of sales (Black & Decker, 2011).

Sales people cannot effectively serve customers if there is poor communication between the sales ...

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