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    Black & Decker Case Study

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    Read the case study on Black & Decker International. Address the three questions that follow the case study.

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    Black & Decker International Global Lock Business
    The Global Lock Business
    The idea to globalize a business is not a bad one, but there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. First of all, every place in the world is different. Some areas are accepting of change especially in products, and others are not. Mr. Fred Grunewald was an educated and aggressive business man. He knew that stating that Black and Decker would now create a global lock business would alarm many good managers and the chance of losing them to the competition was a definite possibility.
    Grunewald knew that there had to be more marketing research done, simplifying production design and engineering, rationalizing distribution channels, and overcoming regional differences. Overhead would go up and new personnel would be hired. Mr. Grunewald had developed a great global knowledge while he developed strategic plans to make things happen. Grunewald knew that "global marketing power" was the key to turning every performance record in a large sum of money continually. His objective was to build "core profitability, strengthen management, improve the return on equity, and broaden the earnings base (Black and Decker, 2012)."
    Thoughts on the Plan
    Mr. Grunewald is intelligent and global ...

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