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Black & Decker International: Globalization of the Architectural Hardware Line

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Examine the concept of organizations as systems, and discuss how this is insightful for organizational development. To do this, read the case "Black & Decker International" in your text. Using appropriate terms and theories, analyze the case. The analysis should include: The key issues -"what are the problems B&D faced changing from a national to international organization and were they able to address them? Outline A strategic global change process that you would propose to Black and Decker. Explain your rationale and provide counterarguments to anticipated objections.

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Organizational Development

Concept of organizations as systems:

Organizations are open systems that interact with their environment in a continual process of obtaining inputs and then transforming them into outputs in the form of services and finished goods. Feedback from the environment indicates how well an organization is doing. The external environment is both the source of customers and the supplier of resources. It will be hard to stay in business for long if customers don't buy the first products. Customers must be served well and resources must be well utilized if an organization is to perform well. If organizations add value to the original cost of resource inputs, then a non- profit organization can provide a public service that is worth more than its cost and a business organization can earn profit that is, sell a product for more than the cost of making it (Wiley, 1984).

Problems faced:

One of the challenges was how to conceptualize the global marketing g ...

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This solution looks into organizational development as systems. In particular, it analyzes Black & Decker and uses appropriate terms and theories to do so. This solution is 500 words, with three references.

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