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    Porter's Industry Analysis

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    According to Porter what determines the level of competitive intensity in an industry?

    According to Porter "industry analysis" is Pepsi-Cola a substitute for Coca-Cola?

    How does competitive intensity change in a "fragmented industry" vs. a "consolidated industry"?

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    Today's business environment is extremely competitive; hence organizations strive to create a competitive advantage to thrive in the competitive scenario. Michael Porter, considered to be one of the foremost gurus' of management, developed the famous five-force model, which influences an industry.
    1. Industry competition/Degree of rivalry
    2. Bargaining power of buyers
    3. Bargaining power of suppliers
    4. Government regulations
    5. Threat of New entry

    This model gives a fair idea about the industry in which a company operates and the various external forces that influence it. It's dynamic and over a period of time the model, which have used to analyze the industry may itself evolve.

    Q Michael Porter's Industry Analysis, According to ...

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