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    Key Financial Information for Starbucks

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    Choose a stock it can be any company in any industry. (The Stock I am interested in is Starbucks Corporation, ticker symbol is SBUX, Market is NasdaqNM, Industry is Specialty Eateries). Then visit Yahoo Finance at http://finance.yahoo.com/?u . Once there, enter the ticker symbol for your stock in the space provided so that you can be taken to pages where you will see a comprehensive set financial information- including the latest price- related to your company of choice. Once you see the financial pages, scroll down the page and observe the available information there.

    1. What type of key financial information are available at the page you entered? Write 1 to 2 paragraphs describing what information can be obtained under each "hot link". In your write-up, make sure to click on the following "hot links" and describe what you saw:

    Chart, Financials, Historical Prices, Industry, Insider, Profile, Reports, Research, and SEC Filings.

    2. Aside from the key financial information, you will also see a set of accounting data. What is the significance of such data, if any at all, to the price of your stock? Please build upon stock valuation.

    3. Go back to the stock price, and based on your answer to the above question, attempt to see if you can justify the company's prevailing stock price reported on that page. What is your company's P/E ratio? What is the P/E ratio for its industry?

    My objective is to analyze financial data for investment purposes.

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