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Internal Evaluation: Strength and Weaknesses

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Internal Evaluation; this is the "SW" of the SWOT analysis. Every organization has strengths and weaknesses, give an example of a company you know or read up on who did not really develop their strengths or deal with key weaknesses.

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Starbucks is the leading specialty restaurant chain in world. Starbucks is selling coffee and other beverages. But according to Schultz, "We're not just selling a cup of coffee, we are providing an experience." In order to create American coffee enthusiasts with the dedication of their Italian counterparts, Starbucks provides a seductive atmosphere in which to imbibe. Its stores are distinctive and sleek, yet comfortable. Though the sizes of the stores and their formats vary, most are modeled after the Italian coffee bars where regulars sit and drink espresso with their friends. (Starbucks competing in global markets)
The company's mission is "To inspire and nurture the human spirit? one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time."
(Starbucks Website, 2009).
Starbucks has been greatly influenced by the mission statement and has taken care of it by incorporating the elements of ...

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The solution assists in providing an internal evaluation regarding an organizations strengths and weaknesses.