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    Labeling for Genetically Modified Food

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    Please tell why we shouldn't require labeling for genetically modified food. Give information for the following:
    a. legal and regulatory issues
    b. Labeling
    c. public outreach
    d. new initiatives

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    Genetically Modified Food

    Why we shouldn't require labeling for genetically modified food. Give information for the following:

    This is quite often debated issue especially in the U.S, considering that genetically modified food require labeling in most of the other countries, including most of the European countries as well as countries in Asia. However, in U.S it is not required for genetically modified food to be labeled. There are many who would justify this. The issue of genetically modified food came into prominence in the late nineties when this trend started and took the food market by storm, following a landmark U.S Supreme Court judgment.

    Looking into the concerns involved with the labeling for genetically modified food and why it assumed such prominence, the following issues have to be examined

    a. Legal and regulatory issues

    There is no single statute or federal agency governs the regulation of genetically modified food products. This is due to the fact that the products of biotechnology cover a wide variety of foods, drugs, and chemicals, and are governed by a composite range of laws that apply to all foods, drugs and chemicals (Pewagbiotech.org, n.d).

    As per the current laws, the issues dealing with genetically modified food are being dealt by three federal agencies:
    a) Food and Drug Administration (FDA),
    b) Department of Agriculture
    c) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

    Although FDA deals with most of the issues, as ...

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    This solution deals with the reasons why labeling of genetically modified food is not required. It also deals with the legal and regulatory issues involved in this issue