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External Environment Analysis - Coca Cola

Complete an external analysis for The Coca-Cola Company, using Porter's 5-Forces Model and a PEST Analysis. Ultimately, this analysis will lead to some conclusions about opportunities and threats facing the company (the first part of the SWOT analysis).

What is the scope of the analysis (entire company, selected business division?) and determine the proper NAICS code for the Coca-Cola Company.

Use data to support and apply the industry analysis for the 5-Forces of Porter's Model. Also use recent data to analyze the four elements of a PEST analysis.

Using the results of the analysis, label the 5-Forces high, moderate, or low. This can then be used, along with the PEST analysis, to make conclusions about the threats and opportunities facing Coca-Cola Company.

This should be treated like a formal business report made by the Board of Directors and CEO as Coca-Cola's company consultant.


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