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    Evaluate Planning Functions of Tyco Management

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    Evaluate the planning functions of management for Tyco. Analyze the influence of legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility. Discuss three factors that influence the company's strategic tactical, operational and contingency.

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    Tyco Management:

    Tyco International Limited is an organization that provides security products and services to the consumers globally. The security product this organization product include products like electronics security devices, fire fighting equipments, breathing apparatus etc. There are three major business segments in this organization; one is the security solutions this is the part of the business deals with providing security appliances to the government, household customers and also retailers. The security solutions equipments and service include access control, critical condition monitoring, article surveillance monitor, radio frequency identification etc. The second is the fire protection segment which deals with offering protection to individual lives and properties against fire. The third segment is the flow control which deal with the manufacture and marketing of valves like water and oil valves, thermal control solutions and water & environmental systems. (Overview, 2011).

    The planning functions of management involve Strategic Planning: This involves Tyco's management identifying the tasks that will enable the organization to achieve the overall goals of the company. Tactical planning: this is ...

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    The solution evaluates the planning functions of Tyco management.