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Paper Cup and Java Jacket History

Please provide information regarding the following:

1- papercup history?

2- JavaJacket history?

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History of Paper cup

The invention of paper cup brought about new era in packaging and refreshment business. It has spawned the subsequent growth of companies in the food and beverage sector.

Here is the timeline of paper cup history as recorded by EastEuropePack (2009):

1907 - Lawrence Luellen first became interested in a paper drinking cup, which would be delivered by a vending machine and connected to a water cooler. The turn of the 20th century saw a strong effort to control epidemics, therefore the object was to dispense a pure drink of water in a new, clean, and individual drinking cup instead of common jug in public places.

1908- Lawrence Luellen and his college roommate Hugh Moore, started a company selling penny cup-vending machines with bottled water to promote a sanitary way to get a drink of water.

1910 - They soon abandoned selling water, concentrated on making and selling paper cups and acquired Individual Drinking Cup Company name for the business. ...

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