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    Stoval Home Products Case Analysis

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    I need help with the following problem:

    Please read the Stoval Home Products case at http://www.businesscommunication.org/publications/bcq/cases/Stovall.pdf Apply as many concepts as possible from the readings. After you've written the letter, describe how you used the ideas from the readings.

    The paper should be between 1100 to 1300 words in length.

    Thanks in advance for all your help.

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    Stovall Home Products
    1247 Oak Avenue
    St Louis, MO 00000

    Ms Anne J Thomson
    2567 Gulf Shore Way
    Talahassee, FL 00000

    Dear Ms Thomson,

    Thank you for writing to us. We received your complaint and are very sorry to hear about the trouble that you faced. We will need more information before we can decide what was the cause of the trouble, but based on the information you provided this is what we know so far.

    You mentioned that you used White-n-Brite Liquid Bleach to remove coffee stains from your Sportique Jacket and that the use ruined your jacket. Without any further information about the fabric of the jacket we decided to contact the manufacturer SporTTogs about the same. They claim that their new jackets come with special stain-resistant treatment, and that the care instructions explicitly prohibit the use of any type of bleach on those jackets. You also mentioned that the treatment left yellow spots around the stains. This seems to suggest that you used the bleach as a spot-stain remover. The usage instruction of the bleach cautions against the use of the bleach as a spot-stain remover, and also mentions that the consumer should refer to the garment care instructions before using it on any garment. ...