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    Java Coffee Application Written

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    Write an application that prompts the user to make a choice for a Coffee cup size, S for Small, T for Tall, G for Grande and V for Venti â?" the prices of the cup sizes will be stored in a parallel double array as $2.00, $2.50, $3.25, and $4.50 respectively. Allow the user to choose if they would like to add a flavor to the coffee and add an additional $1.00 to the price of the coffee, display the total price of the cup of coffee after the user enters a selection. Save as Coffee.java

    Create a class named TVShow.java. Data Fields can include a String containing the Name of the show, a String containing the day that the show is broadcast(i.e. â??Mondayâ?) and an integer for the channel where the show can be viewed. Methods will include a constructor that requires values for all of the data fields, plus methods to get, set and display the values of the data fields. Create a UseTVShow.java file that prompts the user to input up to 5 TV shows and stores the data in an array of objects first, then displays them as a list.

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