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Organizational Stability and Innovation

What is organizational stability and organizational innovation? Can both be maintained in an organization at the same time? If so, is there an example of this type of organization? Has anyone seen first hand how stability has supported or favored innovation? If so, can you explain it?

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Organizational stability is the state of a company's financial, human resources, and production that has reached a threshold of steady growth in terms of bottom line, employee assessment, and development. During challenging economic times, it has been difficult for firms to reach organizational stability due to several factors including inflation, which affects marketing costs and ability to sell, which can ultimately hurt the bottom line of the company. In addition, there are increased regulations in insurance and human resources, which makes hours paid, benefits, and other perks of working a challenge for companies to meet or exceed. Finally, with the cost of ...

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The solution discuses the medtronic as an example of a company with organizational stability and innovation.