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    Balanced scorecard approach as an organizational consultant

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    Play the role of a consultant in presenting a case to a medium to large technology firm. A representative from the company, Sonic Technologies has contacted you and asked for you to meet with a group of company executives and to discuss how the BCS approach works in technology organizations.prepare an overview document that you will provide the individuals who participate in your meeting.

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    How the balanced scorecard approach works in technology organizations

    What is a balanced scorecard?

    A balanced scorecard is a dashboard of measures that are sorted by major categories that impact organizational success. The point of the categories is to ensure that one facet of success does not dominate the thoughts and initiatives while ignoring other vital areas. The classic categories are financial, customer, business process and learning/growth but some organizations may wish to add others such as vendor quality or environmental activities, depending on their critical success factors.

    The scorecard categories and measures should be selected based on the organization's strategy. That way, those that pay attention to the measure and ensure that activities support those measures will be also supporting and advancing the key strategies of the business. You often get what you measure so careful selection of what measures are added is important. Also, the measures must also be what is rewarded or interest in tending to measure goals ...

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