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    Business Ethics and Its Stakeholders

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    This for a paper that I writing I need a 4 response for 4 sources and evaluate each response. I only need a 75 word response.

    What are the consequences of stakeholder ethics with regards to organizational goals and productivity?

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    Stakeholders are the people and groups that are affected by the way an organization does business. These people provide the company with its resources to help the company be productive. Because of this, they have their own claim on and stake in the business. They are the ones who are directly benefited or harmed by the results of the business, hence, it is important to them that they make sure that the company and its managers keep their business ethics. Mismanagement of the business greatly affects all of the stakeholders of the company as it may cause the company to die.
    The stockholders help finance the company as they invest their money on buying its stocks or shares. The higher the number of shares, the greater is their ownership right and the more responsibility they ...

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