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Organizational development

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Please provide thorough responses to the following two scenarios and provide references used.

A. Suppose you are a manager in a company. Your company has not been profitable for the past three years. In addition, its market share has been considerably reduced by competitors. The company is also experiencing decreased employee morale. To face these challenges, the company's top management is contemplating major changes. The company is wondering whether to work with an internal or an external OD consultant. The CEO comes to you for advice.

1. What would you advise? Why?
2. Once you have made your recommendation about the type of OD professional, provide advice about how to enter the organization and the type of agreement to sign with the client.

B. Using the concept of systems that originated from the biological sciences, several management scholars consider an organization as a system. Drawing from this concept, OD scholars advocate the use of system thinking in OD interventions.

1. How do you think such thinking would help improve OD interventions?
2. Taking GM as case in point, explain how system thinking would help to better understand this company's problems in the 2008-2009 economic crisis. In your answer, describe GM as a system.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 857 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 857 words with references.

//As per the directions, we will write about the advice to be given to the CEO regarding the internal or external organization development consultant. On the basis of the above discussion, the recommendations about the type of OD professional and the way to enter into the organization, as well as, the type of agreement to sign with the client.//

Scenario A


The CEO of the company should work with an external OD consultant. It is due to the reason that working with an external OD consultant will be helpful for the company in gaining access over the external forces, which are influencing the company's business operations. The external OD consultant possesses experience and distinct understanding of the external forces, which increases the credibility with respect to the provision of expert opinion in favor of the organization. The competencies of the OD consultant will be helpful for the company in establishing power and authority effectively within the organizational policies and processes, which will increase the competency of the company (McLean, 2005).


The external OD consultant should enter the organization by analyzing the division of power and authority within the organization. The major areas to be considered properly by the OD consultant are intended towards the establishment of mutual trust, ...

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