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Workplace Culture

Consider your own experience with workplace culture. Describe past and current experiences with organizational culture. Be as specific as possible and support your comments with examples.

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For me, workplace culture is the working environment or atmosphere that has been created by the company with and for its employees. It is strongly affected by the company's mission, vision and the way management practices what they preach. The types of people that comprise the organization constitute its culture and it greatly affects the productivity of its employees and the organization.

I have worked for an educational institution for eleven years and I would say that it has one of the best cultures I have ever seen and experienced. It is a school for basic education (elementary and secondary) and it is a Catholic school run by Jesuit priests. The administrators were Jesuits and they embody and promote the character traits of its founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola which is also written as the school's mission-vision. The mission/vision of the school may be long but I can summarize it in only one sentence and I get this from the many experiences that remind me of the uniqueness of the school's working environment. It says, "To give and not to count the cost." The administrators conduct yearly in-service training, retreats, and monthly recollections that have helped in the attainment ...

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