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    Analyze and evaluate alternatives

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    Please see attached article. I need help getting started on the article to write a minimum of 700 words answer.

    Analyze and evaluate alternatives.
    a. Once the problems and issues are isolated, work at gaining a better understanding of causes. In what area do the problems exist? Why? What caused them? Examine and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the processes (e.g., planning, communication), human behaviors, and/or exhibits (e.g., financial statements, sales reports, etc). Check the effectiveness of managerial competencies. Are the objectives and strategies compatible with its skills and resources?

    b. Formulate a solid evaluation of the case.

    Examine various alternatives. Weigh the pros and cons of each. Are they feasible? Decide on the most valid.

    Make recommendations.

    Draw up your set of recommendations on what must be done, and prepare an agenda of corrective actions. What recommendations would you make to the manager? What specific functions and activities must be performed in order to solve the problems? Are the recommendations workable? Affordable? A good rule of thumb to follow is to avoid recommending anything you would not do yourself if you were in management's shoes. Give reasons for your recommendations.

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    Case Analysis

    The case discusses about the explosion of one of the models of Ford Motor Company. The organization faced hazards related to their own greedy nature. The faulty design of fuel-tank was the major reason leading to the explosion of Pinto. Inspite of knowing the weaknesses of Pinto model, Ford did not take any measures. Almost for seven years, the company refused to acknowledge the safety standards (set by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 301). No measures were being taken to upgrade the fuel tank (Leggett, 1999).

    To have a competitive edge, Ford Pinto was launched in just 2 years. A 'crash testing' reported that the fuel tank of this car will often result in a rupture during the rear-end impact. The failure of fuel tank led to the fall in the market share of the company. The Ford Pinto was launched in order to have a change with the previous models. The major reason of introducing subcompact car - Pinto in a short span of 2 years was to have competitive edge over its rivals (The normal time span from invention to output of a new car was approximately more than 3½ years) (Birsch & Fielder, 1994).

    While producing this subcompact car, the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 714 Words, APA References.