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Website Look and Feel for Continental Airlines

?Website Look and Feel: Write a paper that describes how the "look and feel" differs for Continental Airlines website. Include an evaluation of the ease of navigation and overall impact and strategy of the website.

Points to address for Continental Airlines:
?Look and feel of Website
?Ease of navigation ( difficulty in accomplishing task, number of clicks, etc)
?Impact & Strategy of site
?Strengths and weakness of websites

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When I was in graduate school, I worked on a project based on the usability and ease of navigation of websites, so here are some of my opinions. (Please note that I will not write the actual essay for you, I will just put my ideas in point form).

Look and feel of the website;

-the front page loaded up quickly
-there seems to be bold colors which take up the whole screen almost, and the colors are almost a little too bright
-there are a lot of banners on top to click through, which gives the appearance of an easy to navigate website (reservations, travel, deals & offers)
- when you actually click on one of the tabs, it brings you to a page with minimal information. To make this more user friendly, the tab that is selected should be shown in a different color then the other tabs so that the consumer knows exactly where they are. For example, I clicked deals and offers. On the main frame of the page, the title deals and offers is there, but in small font. If I left my computer and came back, I would have never remembered that I was on the deals and offers page - if the tab that days deals on offers on top was highlighted, then I would reorient myself to the website quickly
- by clicking the logo on the top left corner, I was able to return back to the homepage quickly, which is a good features which makes for easier navigation (don't have to click the back button)
- I found the font size to be way too small. They try to cram too much information onto one page.
- One main feature of the usability of a website is that most of the information should be shown on one screen shot - i.e the person should not have to scroll down to continue reading. Their homepage fails at this criteria - I had to scroll down to see the full information.
- There are links at the bottom on the frontpage, which are in a horrible color font, and they are completely illegible.
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An evaluation of Continental Airlines' website.