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    Could you give me a specific business example of this: " Utilitarianism does an analysis of each situation that allows them to help choose a course of action which provides least harm as compared to other alternatives. This is in hope that it is a win-win situation for everybody in the organization."

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    Utilitarianism in the workplace

    Let us consider the proposal. First, we must analyze many options. Second, we must choose the option which provides the least harm to everyone. Third, we trust that this will provide a win-win situation to everyone.

    There is something interesting about this proposal. Notice that the decision is based on our analysis. What if our analysis is impaired or incomplete? Then we may end up choosing an option which does not result in the least harm to everyone. So, that's the catch. The options must be assessed and analyzed very well.

    There's another problem with this approach. How many options must be analyze? How will we know that we have chosen all of the most relevant options? What if we fail to think about, and ...

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