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Transportation Modeling using Excel Solver

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1. A toy manufacturer ships toys from three plants to three regional distribution centers. The shipping costs per carload, plant capacities (in carloads) and demands (in carloads) are given below. Solve the problem and report your transportation assignments, including the total transportation cost.

Center 1 2 3
A 4 10 6
B 8 16 6
C 14 18 10

Plant Capacities Center Demands
A 100 1 200
B 300 2 300
C 300 3 200

2. A company produces concrete blocks at three plants. It ships these blocks to each of four construction sites for use in building shopping malls. Given below are the shipping costs (in dollars per truckload from Plant X to Site Y), the capacities for each plant (in truckloads) and the demand of each site (in truckloads). Solve the problem and report your transportation assignments, including the total transportation cost.

Site--> 1 2 3 4
A 5 12 7 0
B 4 6 7 6
C 2 8 5 3

Plant Capacities Site Demands
A 50 1 40
B 50 2 20
C 60 3 30
4 70

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This solution shows how to set-up and solve the linear programming problems in an attached Excel file.

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