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    Infographics and Communication

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    Scenario: As a BUSN 303 student, you will practice a new skill: presenting research facts in an "infographic" format. The Oxford Dictionary defines an infographic as "a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data" and adds the example sentence: "A good infographic is worth a thousand words."

    Infographics have become such a popular way of presenting research that even the US Census Bureau now offers a wide variety of reports in that format. For this exercise, click on the sub-tab titled "Census Bureau Infographics," open one of the many infographics listed on the left side of the web page, and answer these questions:

    What is the title of the infographic you chose?
    What three facts in the infographic did you find most useful personally?
    How would you improve that infographic?

    Critical Thinking Question:

    Do you prefer infographics or traditional written reports for communicating research results? Please explain your reasoning.

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    The title of the infographic I chose is "1940-2010 State by State: Key Comparisons Between the Years". See: http://www.census.gov/library/infographics/1940_census_comparison.html
    The three facts I find interesting in the infographic personally are for every hundred women there were 100.7 men in 1940 and there are 96.7 men in 2010. This indicates that health care and well-being of women has improved over the period.

    The second fact I find interesting is that in 1940 the median age was 29.0 years, whereas in 2010, the median age has increased to 37.2 years. I was also surprised that ...

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