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Managing strategic and operational activities

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As a mid-level manager in a good-sized organization (hospital, multi-specialty group practice), you will frequently be responsible simultaneously for implementing new strategies while effectively conducting ongoing operations. How do you decide how to allocate your time, your staff, and your resources between strategic and operational activities?

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1. The difference between strategic and operational activities.

It is important to recognize and understand the difference between a strategy and an operational activity. A strategy guides the direction of the organization; it is about the future of the organization and requires long term commitment. Operational activities on the other hand are short term goals, and vary from department to department (Moseley 2009).

2. Managing short term operational goals and long term strategic goals

Simultaneous implementation of short term operational goals and long term strategic goals may be effectively managed by allocating time, ...

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This solution provides a short explanation of how to manage time, staff and resources when implementing strategic goals for the organization and at the same time, managing ongoing operations.

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