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Importance of Operational Efficiency and Effectivenes

Use examples from your organization to illustrate the difference between operational efficiency and operational effectiveness

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1) Efficiency in general means processing in a manner that makes the most use of time while providing the most outcomes possible. Therefore, operational efficiency relates to a company being able to use processes that yield the most result in the least amount of time possible. Examples of efficiency are:

My organization began implementing an IT system to process transactions rather than having employees manually enter those transactions. With the new IT system set in place, the organization is now able to sell to and process transactions for millions of clients at a time instead of being limited to just a few hundreds because of a lack of man power.

The organization has hired 5 more employees to provide counseling to the 50 clients that we serve, in addition to the 5 employees that were already working there. As a ...

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The importance of good operational principles in an organization.