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Non-profit Evaluations:Stakeholders & Measures of Success

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1. If you were asked to conduct an evaluation in your non-profit organization, which stakeholder group would you talk to first and why? How would you communicate the importance of this evaluation in a manner that would engage their support?

2. ASAE 7 Measures of Success which enumerates the seven characteristics or activities successful non-profits/associations need to do to stand out in the crowd, explain which one or two may be most useful to a non-profit organization and say why.

•Customer service culture
•Alignment of products and services with mission
•Data-driven strategies
•Dialogue and engagement
•CEO as broker of ideas
•Organizational adaptability
•Alliance building

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Hi- Saw this was expiring so thought I would try to help. Here you go:

1. I would talk to the group benefiting from the service first, to determine if needs were being met. The New York Times had a series of articles featuring a homeless child and her family (http://www.nytimes.com/projects/2013/invisible-child/). While the shelter she lived in was not run by a non-profit, it was clear by the article that the system was not fulfilling its mission. This is true with many non-profits. What starts as a good idea ("let's help children learn to read") evolves into a different form as the original idea gets blurred, concessions ...

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This solution discusses which stakeholders would be important to talk to first in an evaluation of a non-profit organization. It also discusses the most important of the ASAE 7 Measures of Success and why.