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Sensitivity Analysis of NPV

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See the attached file.

Sensitivity Analysis is an analysis of a change in NPV when a key input variable is changed and all other variables stay the same.

Key variables can change a NPV (return) of a project. The graphing of this data indicates the degree of risk of each variable to the analysis.

Take the information and analysis presented in the attached excel file. Look at the Base Case and present a sensitivity analysis with the following variables and inputs:
% change variables: +25%,+20%,+15%,+10%, +5%, 0%
(Base Case), -5%, -10%,-15%,-20%, -25%

Sensitivity variables:
1). Selling Price per Unit
2). Variable Cost Per Unit
3). Salvage Value
4). WACC

a) Include a spreadsheet file with the analysis,
b) including a graph of the sensitivity/NPV review.
c) Along with a brief written review of what this analysis tells you about the project.

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This response presents a sensitivity analysis of Selling Price per Unit, Variable Cost Per Unit, Salvage Value and WACC.

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Kindly find attached tutorial having some ideas, references and content related to sensitivity analysis

This response should be useful for you to develop better understanding with regard to the given topics. Kindly use this work for your reference only and please do not use this content in your assignment or homework.

Sensitivity Analysis of the Project
On the basis of sensitivity analysis, it is identified that there is a significant impact of changing sales price per unit on NPV of the project. When sales price per unit increases, ...

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