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    Global Challenges: Multinational Corporational Ethics

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    MNCs face ethical issues in host countries. Some ethical issues relate to:

    - Child or forced labor
    - Safety and security at the workplace
    - Duration of work in a week

    How do you think MNCs can successfully establish ethical practices in host countries? Discuss how a moral code of conduct can help resolve ethical issues. Cite examples from real life.

    I need this in three pages, APA style and 4 references.

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    I have outlined a discussion for your response. You will want to tailor it to your class needs. You should also include a more defined introduction and add a conclusion. There are references also, but you might want to consider at least one more based on your own ideas.

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    One of the most difficult balances for Multinational Corporations (MNC) is the hiring and working of youths and children. While many impoverished areas need the children to work to help support the family, Western cultures frown on the practice. In some regions, it is expected that a company will hire children and youths for jobs. Their smaller hands and feet, size, and ability to learn skills quickly make them ideal for some jobs. (http://www.management.pamplin.vt.edu/directory/Articles/Wokutch2.pdf)

    A company can become a target for working children. In many regions, this is because the children were used in dangerous jobs or as slave labor. (http://www.ilo.org/wcmsp5/groups/public/---ed_norm/---declaration/documents/publication/wcms_decl_fs_44_en.pdf) Where laws have changed, improvements are seen in both child labor and company treatment of children. However, the Western sensibility about children as labor can create havoc on local economies that depend on such labor. The needs that put children into the labor force are often overlooked.

    So companies must find a ...

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    The Multinational Corporational Ethics for global challenges are examined.