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    Leading Strategic Change at DaVita: Gambro Acquisition

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    The case is attached.

    1. Once you have read the case fully, you should write several paragraphs of reaction to the case and decide what actions you would recommend. The case ends with some basic questions, which should be used as the focal point of the response

    Please give general thoughts and suggestions, and address the questions at the end of the case.

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    DaVita's Strategy

    DaVita's strategy was based on the rebirth of the organization by doing something larger than what was there. The strategy had to implement many people, team, and culture friendly policies. These in turn had to be consistent with the basic values of the organization because they were a means to achieve the end. The management team which was already discouraged was encouraged to start with an end in the mind. The strategy was aimed to help people envision a special place where people share dreams and a higher sense of purpose. It made people shift their focus from pure profits to building a healthy community. It was a comprehensive change strategy that encompassed change management, communications, organization design, training, and measurement components.

    The strategy transformed the organization from a nearly bankrupt provider of dialysis services to its position today as the leader in kidney care.

    Managing the integration of Gambro

    The acquisition of Gambro Healthcare meant complete HR transformation. To complete the acquisition, DaVita would need a more robust HR system to seamlessly accommodate hundreds of employees from approximately 520 Gambro facilities. To successfully integrate the acquired company into DaVita, Thirty needs to ensure that first the existing system at DaVita is ...

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    Leading strategic change at DaVita for integration of the Gambra Acquisition are examined.