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Entry for acquisition of property

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Valdilla's Music Store acquired Land and old buildling in exchange for 50,000 shares of its common stock, par $0.50 and cash of $80,000.

The auditor ascertains that the company's stock was selling for $15 per share when the purchase was made. The following additional costs were incurred to complete the transaction:

Legal cost to complete transaction......$10,000

Property tax for previous year....................$30,000

Cost of building demolition................................$21,000

Salvage value of demolished building.........................(6,000)

What entry should be made to record the acquisition of the property? For how much?

Please provide details of solution.


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Where exchange takes place (stock with land) we find the fair value which is more readily determinable. In this case the value of land is not know but the market price of share is known.
The amount of consideration paid would be 50,000 shares X $15 per share + $80,000 cash = ...

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