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    Acquisitions, Joint Ventures & Alliances

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    I need some assistance on how to approach these questions.

    Compare and contrast acquisitions, joint ventures, and alliances. Discuss their advantages and disadvantages. If you can locate any recent news regarding corporate a acquisition, joint venture, or alliance in the news, provide a brief overview of who and what they are doing/planning. From what you have learned in class thus far, do you feel it is a good fit? Why or why not? (at least 250 words)

    Please cite your references properly.

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    Joint Ventures - strategic alliance of two or more people or companies agreeing to contribute goods, capital and/or services for a common commercial enterprise.

    ? provide access on needed information and resources
    ? build credibility with a particular target market
    ? extend marketing reach
    ? access new markets that would be inaccessible without partner
    ? both companies share the insurance, shipping and liability costs and produce higher profits

    ? usually a short lived collaboration

    Acquisition - A company is buying and taking over another company.
    ? to improve competition position by gaining market share and greater resources
    ? to reduce competition
    ? to diversify into new business areas if go-it-alone is not possible
    ? cost of acquiring a business can be lower than other ways of expansion

    ? the company taking over might make all the final decisions
    ? most companies for sale are unsuccessful so it's important to assess the company to be bought well
    ? sometimes an entrepreneur maybe overconfident of his/her ability to assume when others have ...

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    The solution compares and contrasts acquisition, joint venture, and alliance. Their advantages and disadvantages are also discussed. A brief summary of a news article about acquisition is also presented and analyzed if the acquisition is a good fit and the reasons. References included.