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Sample scenario questions 1 and 2

Scenario 1

A salesperson would be able to make a $100,000 sale today for her company by providing a good, but less-than-optimal, solution for the customer (we'll call this "Product X"). However, the salesperson knows that another of her company's products ("Product Y") would provide a better solution for half the cost ($50,000). The salesperson's commission would be $20,000 on Product X and $10,000 on Product Y.

Scenario 2

The same situation, but with an added twist. It's the last day of the fiscal year and the salesperson is $90,000 short of her annual sales quota. If she makes quota, she'll receive a $20,000 bonus and be invited to the company's annual sales convention in Maui.

For each scenario, which product should the salesperson recommend to the customer and why?

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//As per directions; in this part, we will discuss Scenario 1, in order to make correct recommendation to the customer. In this part, we will also talk about, why the sales person should recommend the product 'Y'. //

Scenario 1

The salesperson should recommend the Product Y to the customers because it is the product, which provides better solution to customers at just half of the Product X. The emphasis of the salesperson should be to sell the product, which provides satisfaction and fulfills the needs and demands of customer. She should emphasize that the cost of the company does not exceed. She should promote Product Y because the cost for this product ...

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