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Presentation delivery to IPT's owner, Kiana Peterson.

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For this Discussion Board Task, submit in a narrative style as if you are delivering a presentation to IPT's owner, Kiana Peterson. Be sure to clearly explain your role and the concept of marketing to Ms. Peterson and the rest of the management and sales staff. Articulate your strategy on how you plan to address marketing for IPT. Consider IPT's current situation and its opportunities, such as the possibility of adding a new line of Pennsylvania Dutch treats, expanding regionally, etc.

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As a marketing manager, it is my duties and my tasks to increase our sales and expand its market, in which we will focus on our promotional and distributional strategies. First, we will we will check the listenership, viewership, and readership profiles for various media, including local radio stations, newspapers, magazines, and television stations, in order to decide which media we should use to run our promotions.

We will demonstrate the idea to our customers that we are the local, Philadelphia company, with high concern of providing quality products and variety of new products and flavors. For businesses, we will demonstrate to them ...

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