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Masters of business administration: sample test

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Please see the attached 30 MC questions.


2. Information technology has been shown to be closely related to the success of integrated distribution systems in supply chain management strategies. Which of the following would be expected to be of the highest benefit to the end-user customer?
(A) Information need be entered only once as it moves through the supply chain.
(B) The organization is more closely connected to business-to-business commerce opportunities.
(C) Electronic data interchange (EDI) about parts speficitations is facilitated.
(D) Real-time information is available to all partners on the status of orders.

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!, C the 'new task" situation in which the buyer acquires an item for the first time is the most complex situation because more decisions are involved than in other buying situations. The new task makes the decision complex.

2. C. Integrated distribution systems often require change in parts specifications. Electronic data interchange about parts is facilitated through information system.

3. C. the nightly new is not instantaneous news. All markets are not efficient. Yes, the stock price of a company reacts very quickly to news about the company.

4. D. contribution or segment margin format provides the most accurate report of the segment performance and is of value to management.

5. A. Gradual reduction of national advertising combined with continued regional support. If prices are increased it would lead to fall in market share, if market expenditures are increased in some areas there would be a misbalance and would not amount to 'harvesting'.

6. D. The wine preferences of the visiting guests, this would create the best impression on the guests and your superior.

7. B. It will be between 1.30 and 3.20 per unit because the fixed cost will become lower than the current 1.90 but the cost will never fall below the variable cost of 1.30.

8. D. As she has easy access to the capital markets, then the common stock is an option, alternately she can raise new debt easily.

9. D. The company's positioning strategy for each item throughout its plc is of least importance for creating the marketing plan ...

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