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    Learn how great salespeople achieve success in their sales career

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    In this solution you will learn about the most common habits and practices of high performing salespeople. Selling experts believe that if you follow similar practices as a sales person, you are likely to achieve high level of success in your sales career

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    Five Habits of Most Successful Salespeople

    It is a common observation that great salespeople possess great habits that enable them to achieve high level of success in their sales careers. We can produce a long list of attributes that characterize the behavior of high performing salespeople, however, there a few practices which are common among all such sales professionals. In this article we will discuss five key attributes of highly successful salespeople, which you may also follow if you are planning to pursue a sales career.

    1. They do not give up easily
    Most of the successful salespeople demonstrate high level of perseverance and resilience. Selling is a tough job, success does not come by easily. You have to face rejection and negative responses a number of time before you achieve any success. High performing salespeople do not get discouraged by failure and keep trying until they achieve some positive results. Even a prospect's willingness to give an appointment is a step forward and many small steps enable them to take a giant leap to close a sale. This behavior of persistence and strong determination is a common characteristic of all successful salespeople, and it is a great lesson for beginners in sales profession.

    2. They focus on building relationships rather than closing a sale
    Relationship selling and consultative selling are now a days common practices among professional salespeople. Focus of such salespeople is not on a single transaction, rather they strive to build long term relationships with their customers with the objective to build a strong base of loyal customers who generate repeat purchase over a longer period of time. It is a known fact that wining a new customer is lot more expensive than maintaining your existing customers, therefore, relationship selling is more cost effective. For this purpose, successful salespeople try to better understand the needs and buying motives of their customers so that they are able to match their product and services to specific requirements of customers. They try to offer solutions to customers' problems rather than pushing a product or service.

    3. They always keep their promises
    Customers like to deal with salespeople who are dependable and trust worthy. Successful salespeople build their credibility by keeping their promises no matter how small they may be. If they make a commitment about product delivery, after sale service and so on, they make sure customers are not disappointed in any way. This is also critical for building long term and reliable relationships with customers.

    4. They are hard workers
    Selling is a hard and challenging profession and successful salespeople meet this challenge by putting in extra amount of time and effort. Successful salespeople are generally ambitious, high achievers and set big goals in life. In order to achieve all of this, they are willing to go an extra mile and work very hard. They are also good time managers and possess effective planning skills.

    5. Effectively use their interpersonal skills
    Strong interpersonal and communication skills are a prerequisite for success in selling profession and this is something which is always used very effectively by top rated sales professionals. The ability to attract the attention of potential customers and present your sales message in a convincing manner are essential success factors in all selling situations. Successful salespeople continuously make efforts to sharpen such skills in order to engage their customers and achieve positive results in their sales presentations.

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