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Healthcare and CEO Responsibilities

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I have two questions which I need help with:
1. In health care, criticize and inspect is it ethical to have a strategic plan that, in essence, would cause a competitor to go out of business? Propose an analysis of your decision. Assess and explain the essence of marketing?

2. Distinguish and assess if the CEO should be evaluated on the vision, the mission, or the annual profitability? Propose additional areas of evaluation. Formulate the components of a business plan and how the process of a business plan comes together.

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In health care it is ethical to have a strategic plan that would cause a competitor to go out of business. A health care strategic plan would provide superior services (product), be priced competitively (price), would be located more conveniently (place), and communicate better with patients (promotion). The essence of marketing is not to do evil. Marketing means satisfying the needs of people at prices that are affordable. It also means distributing the services in such a way that is convenient to customers and communicating the benefits to the customer. Marketing is ethical and it is advisable to use the principles of marketing in ...

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This solution of 417 words explains ethics, healthcare, and evaluation of CEOs as well as the importance of marketing in the healthcare industry. The sources used are also included in the solution.

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